Laser-cut Appliqué

What Is Appliqué?

Appliqué means “to put on” in French. It is a technique used to decorate items by sewing on pieces of cut fabric or embroidering around its edges. Create an athletic or collegiate look with our full-size appliqué. Choose from one to five colors of material and our in-house artists will create a custom design just for you.

We do all our appliqué embroidery work in-house. Our state-of-the-art laser cutter and embroidery machines work in harmony with one another. This ensures that your design is sewn and cut in one precise computerized process.

What Materials Do We Use?

Excel Images offers a variety of appliqué materials to suit your needs:

  • Tackle twill is a favorite with fraternities, sororities, and athletic teams. It is a stiff, sturdy material which cuts to a precise edge and comes in dozens of colors.
  • T-shirt material gives your appliqué design a more retail look. It has a more ragged edge and a soft cotton finish in many, many colors.
  • Choose Felt appliqué to give your design a plush, down-to-earth finish.
  • Reverse appliqué–cut through your garment to reveal your chosen fabric underneath.

Need Help?

Need help picking garments? Contact us for knowledgeable, courteous help in choosing the right apparel at the right price for you.

Laser-cut appliqué
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